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For those who travel the world on their own, but not alone.

Untethered to a travel companion, sometimes the best journeys are the ones you take on your own.

Benefit from the deals and ideas we continuously source for solo flyers. With the strings we can pull, we might be able to waive your single supplement fees, or find you a tour operator who will match you with a compatible room buddy. 

Wanting a familiar face beside you? Our very own Solo Flyer Club could enable you to travel the world with a new friend, and save a bundle on accommodation and other benefits.

Start a conversation with us to see the wide array of options, without blowing the budget or sacrificing the enjoyment of being able to share your travel experience with others.
A newcomer to Yass, I was pleasantly surprised to come upon The Travel Compass.
Their office alone is well worth a visit!

Uschi Howard’s knowledge and connections in the travel business is extensive so, for me, booking via this method has been both cost effective and stress free. I would highly recommend their services. 
— D. Crosse, Yass NSW
Matched to each other, we’ll match you to the world.

We will help you chose that holiday that is just right for YOU. Birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or simply finally that big holiday you have been looking forward to.

Prefer privacy over social interaction? Adventure, museums or piña coladas by the pool? Unpack once and immerse, or keep moving and discover?

See how our knowledge of the best spots, and deals, for couples can benefit you.
Our Empty Nesters holiday was perfect.
Uschi shared her personal experiences and outstanding knowledge. We had an idea of what we wanted, but the idea of booking online was overwhelming. We’re empty nesters so we need the big savings and value for money.

Yass is lucky to have Uschi Howard and The Travel Compass team.
— Jim and Sally Townsend, Yass NSW
It really is easy with The Travel Compass team by your side.
Groups & Families
Perfect plans for your opinionated posse.

How do you make great plans when everyone has their own ideas?
Perhaps Grandma wants to read her book, Dad wants to climb the nearest mountain, Mum wants to do Yoga, the teenager wants to party and the little ones need looking after.

Or, you all play bridge, but really want to have a holiday experience that encompasses things other than playing cards. Not everyone wants to go exploring museums, but then again…

With mastery of group travel, The Travel Compass can ensure everyone has a win for your next booking.
Stu and I are on the plane on the way home and we have had what I can only describe as a magical trip.
We loved the hotel you suggested in Portugal and the B and B hotel in Edinburgh was great too.

Most of all, having all this time with the girls was such a joy. Thank you for always making our travel so easy and helping our family connect. 

Sending you a big, loving grateful hug, Xxx.
— Kim, NSW
Ready for your next SKI holiday (Spend Kids Inheritance)?

You have seen it all. Have you experienced it though?

If you’re retired, or maybe you’re just no longer tied to the 4 week maximum holiday plan, our travel expertise can show you some journeys with the guidance and comfort you prefer built in.

With sensibly paced options, and the odd luxury touch to treat yourself, we’ll work with you to tick off your bucket list. Once you’re happy, let us take all the fuss of making the arrangements off your hands, so all you need to do is show up at the airport.

For assurance that every detail of your travel is taken care of, including travel insurance that can even cover pre-existing conditions, get in touch with The Travel Compass.
A Thumbs Up to our new travel agent, Uschi Howard.
Very professional and handled our recent excursion in very capable manner. Good to see people who know what they’re doing opening a business in good old Yass. 
— Brian O’Connor, Yass NSW
[Letters to the Editor, Yass Tribune. 5 Dec 16.]
Pick up the phone for qualified, practical travel advice.
An agency that treats you like a partner, not just a client.

The challenges for our business travellers are varied and with The Travel Compass we’ve got easy and effortless solutions.
Have you ever considered the internal cost of your staff booking travel and then trying to work out how to rectify mistakes, flight cancellations or simply a change of plan?

How do you know you have the best deal? Business travellers nearly always have a need to balance time spent getting from A to B with the cost of getting there. Is an extra 5 hours travelling time really worth saving just a few hundred dollars?

When your flight arrangements get cancelled and you are standing in that queue at the airport, your travel agent is just a phone call away. We help you “jump the queue”.

As your travel agent we consider ourselves your business partner. It is in our interest to make sure we help you achieve what you need to achieve, by providing solid, competent and timely support when you are on your way.

In partnership with The Travel Authority, we are able to provide a full range of corporate travel services and would love the opportunity to discuss your travel management needs with you.
We would not trust our travel arrangements with anyone else.
My husband Ian and I have been booking our trips both business and pleasure with Uschi Howard for over 20 years. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and her travel experience is so vast.

I have recommended Uschi to many friends and business associates and they continue to book with her.

Once you’ve travelled with the best advice you do not compromise.
— Ingrid and Ian Burgess, NSW
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