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Uschi Howard truly is your personal travel compendium.

With her team by your side, well researched, thoroughly planned and expertly managed travel is easy. No matter your budget or destination, contact The Travel Compass today.
The only award winning travel agency in Yass
With over thirty years experience in the travel industry, Uschi has learned (and lived) what it means for you to have an unforgettable experience, at home or abroad.

Now more than ever, ensuring your plans are well made is challenging. The wealth of online booking options can be a maze to navigate -- leading you to instant information overload. So why not consult an expert, and be assured that you are given qualified and practical advice from someone who understands exactly how the system works?
 Where the needle points
10 April 2017

Travel tip of the week: Did you know that you should never put your home address on your luggage tag? Attaching it to your bag for all to see allows shady folks to both know where your house is and that you're not at home! Only put your name and phone number on it.
We’ve been around the world twice with The Travel Compass.
Uschi's proficiency and devotion to her job means she thoroughly investigates all facets of travel. We have always had excellent hotels, best seats on planes, all at the best value.

The Travel Compass has shown us just how smooth a holiday can run, and it is reassuring her team is always available no matter where we are in the world.
— Albert and Rosalie Lam, Yass NSW
Hallstatt mountain village, Hallstaetter Lake, Austria.
Let Uschi show you where the less travelled path could take you
Unlike some other travel agencies, our service to you doesn’t simply end once we’ve received your deposit or final payment. We are here to support YOU, from the spark of travel inspiration right through to the return journey to your familiar front door. A complete service agency, we help with all aspects of travel, including flights, tours, accommodation, visas, insurance and plain good advice (our speciality).
All part of the adventure, occasional hiccups do happen in travel -- a rogue ash cloud from a volcano delays your flight, perhaps -- so you’ll want to know someone has your back, no matter where you are in the world. Travel Compass clients benefit from a global network of locals just a phone call away, who’ll get you back on track in no time.
Start a conversation with Uschi today, and see where your next adventure could take you.
Industry accolades and accomplishments
A leader in her industry, Uschi’s wealth of practical knowledge has been recognised by her peers and clients. In addition to all of these qualifications, she genuinely cares about YOU. It matters to her that YOU end up enjoying your travels and create fantastic memories to last you a lifetime.
Just some of the awards Uschi Howard has won are:
  • Winner - NTIA Awards 2015 - Best Travel Agency Manager Retail, single location - June 2015
  • Winner - Travel with Kidz Consultant of the Year 2012 - August 2013
  • Winner - 2012 Outstanding Business Person of the Year 2012, Local Business Awards Northern Beaches - June 2012
  • Winner - 2007 NTIA Awards - Best Corporate Consultant - June 2007 
A well researched, planned and managed travel plan through a fully qualified, insured and well respected Travel Agent is just a phone call away. Our only question for you now:
Where are you going to next?
I have recommended Uschi to a number of friends and family who are now also very happy clients.
Uschi is honest and detailed at every stage of the process, and will always find out the answer of any question you ask however big or small.

Thank you Uschi -- we look forward to many more adventures with your support and advice.
— Christine Clarke, Mona Vale NSW  
Call in for a cuppa and see why we're not your average agent.
There are a lot of questions you need to answer to make sure you end up with the experience you treasure. The Travel Compass is the agency that knows those questions and just how to ask them -- delivering you the most well researched and best considered options.

Call into our lovely office, fill out the form below or simply phone Uschi on (02) 6226 1988. We are here to make your next travel plans the best you've ever had.
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Call in for a cuppa and see why we're not your average agent.
Where are you going to next?
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